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Wuxi market and Suzhou

John and a big Buddha in Suzhou

After my Chinese lesson on Friday, Grace took me to the big food market in Wuxi. It is just behind the Nanchan Temple area which John and I have visited a few times, but I had never seen the actual market. It is huge, spread over three floors and sells every type of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables – many I have never heard of. The produce is all really fresh, much better then in the supermarkets. Some of the meat and fish is so fresh it is still alive. I was concerned that buying live poultry might make a mess of the apartment, but apparently they ‘prepare’ it for you.

This time, I just bought some purple beans, some satsumas

mystery fruit

and some fruit which I don’t think have an English name. They are about the size of a grape, taste a bit like apple, but have a stone like a plum!

Yesterday, John and I went with Steve and Sarah to Suzhou. We were quite pleased that we managed to buy the tickets ourselves from the station. The queue was quite long, so I think I would rather carry on using an agent to buy tickets. However, it was good to know we could make ourselves understood in Chinese.

silk worms

Suzhou is only about 10 minutes away on the fast Nanjing to Shanghai train. We only had a few hours there, so just had time for a visit to the North Pagoda and the Silk Museum. Both were well worth a visit. I am looking forward to going back for a longer visit soon to see some of the famous gardens and take a boat trip.

Back in Wuxi, we spent the evening at the Havana Bar (an expat bar) celebrating John’s colleague Michelle’s birthday.