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Moon festival weekend

Yesterday was the Moon Festival which meant John had the day off and a nice long weekend. So, we spent Sunday and Monday exploring some of the tourist sites around Wuxi.

Before that, on Saturday, some of John’s colleagues came to our apartment for dinner. The group who came round were all from the UK, so we decided to cook shepherd’s pie in order to have a taste of home. It can be a bit tricky to find the ingredients and tools you need for non-Chinese style cooking, but we improvised a bit and it all turned out pretty tasty (if I say so myself).

John’s colleagues are a nice group of people. Their ages range from mid-twenties to approaching retirement so it is a good mix. It was good fun comparing notes on our first few weeks in China.

On Saturday we went to the Nanchan temple which is a Buddhist temple close to the city centre. The temple itself is smallish but really interesting with ornate carvings and monks in yellow robes. The area surrounding the temple has shops, market stalls and a huge bookshops with stationery/ tat stalls in the basement. It was pretty busy due to the holiday weekend, but was a great place to mooch around.