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Out and about again


After a couple of week’s of hibernation to recover from colds and hide from the bad weather, John and I decided it was time to go on a bike ride today. I was keen to visit a garden close to Lake Li famous for its plum blossom (Mei Hua Yuan) as the blossom will be gone in a few weeks.

The weather this morning was misty, but as it wasn’t actually raining, we thought we would try it. The garden is about 7km from our apartment and is quite an easy bike ride.

The garden was really lovely and worth a visit. It was good to be able to smell the blossom and listen to the birds. Even though there were quite a few visitors, it didn’t feel too crowded. It was beautifully maintained and had some beds that had been planted with bulbs ready to sprout as soon as the ground warms up. We guessed that some of them must be tulips as they surrounded a miniature Dutch windmill and giant clogs.

After an hour or so, the sky turned dark and it was obviously about to rain. We thought we would risk taking a longer route home between two mountains and over the Grand Canal. So, we got completely soaked in heavy rain. Maybe not the best cure for a cold, but it was a good ride.