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Happy New Year

Xin nian kuai le (新年快乐). We are now in the year of the dragon.

Last night there was a party at the hotel. There were about 100 people here enjoying mulled wine and locally brewed beer. We were able to stand on the roof terrace and watch the fireworks exploding from ever direction. It was incredible, as midnight approached, the fireworks intensified until you didn’t know where they would explode from next.

Some time after midnight, we thought we would go for a walk to see what was happening outside. The

Gulou dong dajie

streets looked like the aftermath of a riot, with paper strewn everywhere and smoke still rising. Groups of people were setting off firecrackers on the streets and pavements, with no concern for the cars parked nearby or traffic trying to pass.

We saw one girl of about 10 year old happily lobbing bangers across the pavement. The old year has well and truly been chased away, but I think there are still more fireworks to come over the next few days.