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More about learning Chinese

A couple of lessons ago, Grace told me that I should start studying for the HSK exams. These are exams designed for people learning Chinese as a foreign language and have six levels altogether. The first two levels are for beginners and don’t need you to be able to read Chinese.

It will be interesting to be able to judge my progress. The exams don’t look as daunting as my Maths exams, however I am a bit worried about the speaking part. When I took French GCSE, my accent was so poor the examiner couldn’t stop laughing (very unprofessional). I did get a B overall though!

I have also started to learn to read. Grace is giving me a list of about 5 characters to learning to read and write each lesson. She then tests me on them during the next lesson. This gets harder as the list of words gets longer, but it will prove to be really useful.