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Good luck Helen!

My sister, Helen, has the grand ‘switch on’ of her cochlear implant today at 9.30am UK time. I wish I could go and see her, but it is a long way from Wuxi to Brighton. In fact, I feel quite a long way from home at the moment.

For people reading this who aren’t lucky enough to know my little sister, it’s enough to say that she is the coolest, cleverest, most tenacious person you could ever hope to meet. She is also very beautiful, but that is a general family trait.

As I understand it, learning to work with an implant is hard and the results aren’t guaranteed. However, I know Helen doesn’t do things by halves, so it will be exciting to see how she gets on. I will be giving all the support I can from 6,000 miles away.


There are now 35 days before we leave and we have started the process of saying goodbye to people.

We had a barbecue on Saturday to say goodbye to our friends. Our little house and garden were packed, but luckily it didn’t rain (unusual for Macclesfield). I don’t know what we would have done if the weather was bad. It was a lovely day and I felt really touched that so many people came to say goodbye to us.


On Monday Mum and I travelled down to Brighton to stay with my sister. On Tuesday we went on to Waterlooville to meet my Nan, Cousin, Aunts and Uncle for lunch. My Uncle and Aunt have just finished teaching in Singapore and will shortly be moving to the UAE to teach. It was interesting to hear their perspective and get some advice (I will make sure I put my flight socks on before getting on the plane!)

I finished work two weeks ago. My colleagues were all lovely and made a fuss of me , but I still don’t think it has sunk in that I have really left. I feel more like I am on my holidays. I don’t have any work lined up in Wuxi, so who knows what I will end up doing when we get there. It is all very exciting though.