Saying goodbye

Dinner at Taste

Today is John’s last day of school. He doesn’t have any actual lessons to teach, but has gone in to sort out files, tidy up and say goodbye to his colleagues. In the meantime, I am at home packing up boxes to be shipped to Switzerland. I have no idea how we managed to acquire so much stuff in one year.

Most of John’s colleagues are flying home for the summer this weekend or early next week, so it has been a week of goodbyes. This is the reason we have managed to eat out every night since Sunday.

On Monday we went to Taste, the same place we went for Christmas Dinner. The owner is a Kiwi (New Zealander, not bird) and the food is excellent. We went with Sarah, Steve, Lisa and Paul, some of the first friends we made here in China. Sarah, Steve, Lisa, John and I all went for hot pot dinner in the first few days of arriving in China when we were all still pretty overwhelmed and unsure what was going on. Of course, we are all experts now. Lisa and Paul are staying in Wuxi, but Sarah and Steve have decided to try their luck in a new school in Qingdao.

On Tuesday, we visited Mark who was staying on the 36th floor of an apartment-hotel in the city centre as he had moved out of his own apartment. He will be relocating to Dalian later in the summer with his wife, Yi Lin. It was great to get  bird’s eye view of the city, although it was a shame the weather was so hazy. Afterwards, we went to a tappenyaki restaurant at the top of the Great Eastern department store. The food is cooked in front of you by the chef, great in theory, but frustrating when you have to wait for the group next to you to get their food before your food is cooked.

Football teams

On Wednesday, I had my last Chinese lesson with Grace. She is moving to Shanghai in the summer to start work in the international department of a high school. After my lesson, John joined us for lunch at a Hong Kong restaurant that serves the best steamed shrimp dumplings in town. It was good to sit and chat. Grace has been a good friend to me. As well as teaching me the language, she was the person who taught me how to get around the city on the bus and showed me where the interesting places are. It has been invaluable having inside information.

After lunch, John played in a staff v students football match. Yes, you did read that correctly – John played football (for the first time in about 20 years). When the students came on looking young and fit in their matching kit, I thought the teachers would be thrashed. In fact, the teachers won 1-0. A good example of age and experience coming top.

The playing/ watching football made us thirsty so afterwards we went to HBO, a bar not far from the school, for beer and burgers.

Last night, the headmaster of the school invited all the foreign teachers (and spouses, luckily) to a meal at an Italian restaurant in the city. The food there is delicious, but the service is a bit random. Many main courses arrived before starters and I ate half someone else’s dinner before being given what I ordered. Never mind, it’s good to share.

So after all the goodbyes and packing today, we will just need to decide where to eat tonight – we have no choice now I have packed the wok.

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