Christmas celebrations in Wuxi

Canal Park sunset Christmas Day

Christmas is now officially over in Wuxi. The shops which had Christmas decorations are now changing them in preparation for Chinese New Year (or Spring Festival Chun Jie 春节) which starts at the end of January. Unsurprisingly, Boxing Day is not a holiday here, so John reluctantly went back to work yesterday.

We did have a lovely Christmas, though. Christmas Eve was spent at Rob and Michelle’s apartment playing silly games and quizzes. My Mum’s ‘present game’ went down especially well, so can now be described as internationally famous. We all had plenty to drink and ended the evening by singing along to classic Christmas songs – really good fun.

John and I opened our (many) presents on Christmas Day morning (thanks everyone), then went to Taste Bistro in Wuxi New District for lunch. The restaurant is owned by a New Zealander and was serving a hot buffet of classic Christmas food, including the all-important turkey. We were a table of seven British expats and we were all quite keen to uphold the noble tradition of eating too much, yet still finding room for Christmas pudding.

I had bought some crackers at the Shanghai branch of Marks and Spencer last week, so we pulled those first so we could all wear our

John on Christmas Day

silly hats. The food was excellent, so to pace ourselves we played a daft British themed quiz (thanks Billy and Audrey). For the record, the girls team won!

After our hefty lunch, John and I decided to walk around Wuxi’s Canal Park in order to help digestion. The day was quite bright and not as cold as it has been lately, and we saw a beautiful sunset. After our walk we came home for more Christmas films followed by cheese and biscuits for tea. I was able to speak to my family via Skype, so all in all Christmas in Wuxi was pretty good.


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