Christmas is coming in Wuxi

Sarah, Laura and John at WIC Christmas party

Christmas is not an official holiday in China (John will only has one day off work). Despite this, many of the shops in the city are playing Christmassy songs, sometimes these are familiar tunes with Chinese words, and the staff have to wear Santa hats. In Starbucks, the staff T-shirt says ‘Let’s Merry’ on the back, good advice I think.

We have been planning various Christmas celebrations to keep us in the right frame of mind. Our quest for turkey has ended in a booking for Christmas Day at Taste Bistro, a restaurant in the New District owned by a New Zealander. We went for Sunday lunch the other day with Steve and Sarah (for research purposes, you understand) and the food is excellent. Christmas Day lunch is a buffet, including the all important fire chicken (火鸡肉).

Our first Christmas do was last Saturday at the Kempinski hotel in Wuxi. I have joined the Wuxi International Club, a really nice group of expats from all over the World, and this was their party. There was a delicious hot buffet, a raffle and a band. In fact, it was exactly like an ACUMED party, right down to the interesting dancing!

It was strange that the guests came from all over the World: China, America, Canada, Taiwan, Denmark, Japan, Austria, Spain, UK, etc. United Nations-style. The band was also a bit odd. They were young, multi-national and very talented, but their choice of music seemed odd for a party, consisting mainly Pink Floyd, Patti Smith and all your prog-rock favourites. I suppose that explained the interesting dance moves.

Coming up with have house parties with John’s colleagues (with silly games including the present game) and John’s work do at the Havana bar in Wuxi. I am sure we will be sick of Christmas by the time we get to 26th December – which is the way it should be. We are off to Guangzhou for New Year’s Eve, so that should be a good contrast.

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