Pot o’ niu wa

John and I went out to our local Hong Kong style restaurant for dinner this evening. We have been there before with friends who can read and speak Chinese, but this time we thought we would try by ourselves.

There was no English menu, but with the help of a dictionary and some pictures we managed to order some delicious sweet and sour pork, grilled aubergine and some broccoli. I also thought I ordered some beef . However, it took a while to show up, so I asked the waitress where our beef dish was (niu rou 牛肉). She said we didn’t order beef, but I couldn’t work out what we had ordered.

Eventually our final dish turned up. It was steaming hot with a tasty, ginger sauce. The meat was kind of like chicken, but a bit like fish. We tried to guess what it might be (snake? turtle?) Eventually the waitress told us it was niu wa (牛蛙) – bullfrog! I am glad I didn’t find out until afterwards, but it was very tasty.

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  1. Lisa Daniel

    Oh that’s made my afternoon! Brilliant! There’s no stopping you now!

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