Last Sunday we went shopping wearing T shirts and I moaned about being too warm. I really regret complaining now. In the middle of this week it rained a lot and now it is bright and clear, but really cold.

Traditionally, no apartments in China south of the Yellow River have central heating so it feels extra cold. Our air-conditioner does have a warm air setting, but it isn’t very effective; plus, the insulation in our apartment is non-existent (you can feel the wind whistling through the rooms).

We have some friends who live in the very posh MoreSky360 building in the city centre. They told us that their apartment has underfloor heating. I wonder how they would feel about a couple of lodgers? Otherwise, we will just have to stock up on hot water bottles and woolly hats!

On the plus side – the cold weather seems to have killed off the mosquitoes (at last). Although, I wouldn’t be surprised to find new wave of them if the weather warms up!

The cold weather has also brought out a whole new style of street food stalls. Now along the pavements near our apartment there you can buy a wide variety of warming snacks including baked sweet potatoes, roast chestnut and sugar cane. You can also buy stinky tofu. I am not sure why you would want to, though, it smells revolting! I love trying new things, but draw the line at food that makes you gag from a distance of 10 metres.

The Chinese for cold is leng (冷) and rain is xia yu (下雨). At the moment, these are the main words I use with the neighbours I see in the lift or when making small talk in shops!

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