Autumn in Wuxi

The view from our balcony this morning. You can just see the cranes in the background.

The last couple of days have been lovely, crisp Autumn days. It has been cold enough that you need to wear a jacket or jumper when outside, but perfect weather for wandering about.

On Sunday, John and I wandered down to the city centre to find the street where all the tailors shops are. We managed to find it and we are quite excited about the idea of getting some trousers for John. If that works out well, I might even have something made for me – but I will let John be the guinea pig.

Also on Sunday, we visited a restaurant called Provance. We are hoping that they will be able to help in our quest for Christmas turkey. We met the head chef, who was really helpful and apparently knows John’s boss well. Maybe we will get a discount! He has promised to email menus to us, so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

During our walk, we went through an open air street market selling clothes, scarves and general gifty things. John bought a dancing donkey as a prize for a school photographic competition. I forgot to get a photo of it, but when it dances it looks and sounds a bit like Lady Gaga. As we are used to shopping in the UK, it is hard haggling. John managed to get the stall holder down from 39 yuan to 35 (about £3.50) for the donkey, but the stall holder accepted a bit too quickly. Then the next customer started at 30 yuan. Boo!

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