Back to school and holiday plans

Yesterday I started back at my Chinese classes. Due to the National Holiday then my visit to the UK it had been nearly a month since my last lesson. I surprised myself (and Grace, my teacher) by remembering more than I expected.

The topic of yesterday’s lesson was ‘buying shoes’, but also included buying other items, bargaining and stating a preference. Learning the vocabulary is fun, but I am finding it difficult getting used to the structure of the grammar. Verbs don’t have tenses the way they do in English. Sentences tend to follow the order of ‘time, subject, verb and then other bits’, except when they don’t!

It was nice to see Grace again. She had been home to visit her parents with her boyfriend during the National Holiday. This was their first meeting and apparently all went well. Grace said she hoped to visit her boyfriend’s parents during the New Year holiday at the end of January. She had previously explained that meeting the parents is a much more significant step in China than in the UK, so I think there will be a wedding sometime in 2012.

John and I have been invited to a wedding at the beginning of next year. One of his colleagues (American, I think) is getting married to a Chinese girl who also works at the school. We are going out for dinner with them this evening to a Cantonese restaurant. They will be able to translate the menu for us, which is a definite plus in dinner companions!

John’s next holiday is from 17 January to 5 February, so we have been planning what to do with this time off. So far our plans look like this:

  • A few days of relaxing in Wuxi
  • 3 or 4 nights in Beijing
  • A few days of relaxing in Wuxi
  • A few nights in Yichang
  • 4 or 5 night cruise along the Yangtze
  • A few nights in Chongqing
  • A week of relaxing in Wuxi with possible day trips around and about
If anyone reading this blog has any suggestions, we would be happy to receive them.

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