One aspect I really don’t like about living in Wuxi is the prevalence of mosquitoes. You would think that as we are nearly at the end of October, they would all be gone by now – but no, they are still buzzing about, sucking our blood. If anyone has any idea when they might die out, do let me know.

I think John must have had a mosquito party while I was in the UK, because when I came back there were eight in the apartment, the most we have ever had. We managed to kill them all in the end, using an electrified tennis racquet thing, but only after John was kept awake all Sunday night being eaten alive. I was also awake, due to jet lag, but had doused myself in mosquito repellent so managed to escape this time.

Since we first arrived in Wuxi, we have both been bitten  a lot, although I have been bitten more than John. My Chinese teacher said it was because my blood is type A which they particularly like.  I think they are just out to get me. I am experimenting by eating Marmite for breakfast every morning. Apparently, they don’t like it.

Next summer, we think we might move to a higher apartment. At the moment, we are on the fifth floor, but we have been told that the higher you are the fewer you get inside. We will be looking for something on the 50th floor.


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  1. I hate mozzies with a passion. When I lived up north I would hunt them down every night before bedtime otherwise I couldn’t sleep. In Sweden a spiral of mildly toxic incense is a popular remedy. It burns slowly and is essentially safe (as long as you don’t place them in a stupid place). If you want to try it, let me know and i’ll pop some in the post.

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