Jason Style

We have now been in Wuxi for more than a month. The difficulty with living here, rather than just being on holiday is that you have to deal with the practicalities of life. This is why I ended up in Jason Style on Saturday with two of John’s colleagues,  Lisa and Sarah, so we could each get our haircut.

We all knew the time would come sooner or later. The alternatives would be just to let our hair grow long or to wait until we go back to the UK or visit a big city like Shanghai with more foreigners. However, I had been keeping my eyes peeled and had previously noticed this particular salon because it was advertising Bed Head and other Western hair care brands. It also looked like the kind of place you might find on the high street in the UK.

Three foreigners descending on the salon at once did cause a bit of a stir. Lisa’s blonde hair was a particular source of interest. The salon was staffed entirely by nice young men with the kind of spiky hairdos typical of young male hairdressers all over the world. Their English was limited, but better than our Chinese.

To get your hair washed you had to lie back backwards on a sort of couch with your head over the sink. A boy wearing a face mask and a serious expression then washed your hair and gave quite a firm head massage. The rest of the experience was pretty standard and each of us came out with a do we were pleased with. Sarah finished first and went to the till to pay. She thought the 180 yuan was pretty reasonable (about £18), but it turned out that was for all of us. At £6 for a hair cut, I will definitely be going back to Jason Style!

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