Autumn is here (we hope)

I went out for my Chinese lesson this morning and noticed that the temperature outside had dramatically dropped. It seems that my dreams have come true and autumn is finally here. It felt great to be able to walk outside at normal speed without breaking into a sweat.

My Chinese teacher was complaining about how cold it was, but she isn’t used to the Macclesfield climate. I am happy as a cool clam.

This evening, John and I went for a walk to a park next to the river. It’s not far from our house, but we hadn’t been before. It was great – with a pier (for river cruises), restaurants, cafes and a billiard hall. We went for tea at a very grand restaurant, with a price tag to match (£13 altogether). The food was amazing. After we had finished eating a dancer came in and did a crazy fan/ mask-changing type dance..

After eating we walked to another park which was on an island between the river and the canal. It seemed to be a kind of outdoor fitness club. There were groups of people doing tai chi, line dancing and some sort of whip-based exercise. If any of Waters Green are reading this, I would point out that it would be a perfect place for a dance out. It was crying out for some Morris.

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  1. Audrey Kennedy

    It’s morning here Laura and I hope you are both feeling a lot better. We are enjoying all your news. There’s so much to see in Wuxi and it sounds a very interesting city. Glad the temperature is cooler – what a relief!! Wonder what the winters will be like. Take care odf yourselves. Enjoy the weekend. xx

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