We visited the travel clinic today to find out about which vaccinations we will need. We were advised to have injections to protect against Hepatitis B, Rabies and Japanese encephalitis, plus regular boosters for tetanus, polio etc. The nurse gave us the first course for the first three today, so we both have sore arms. We will have to go back for the rest later.

John’s Mandarin teacher, Dr X, insists there is no problem with rabies in China. However, we were persuaded by the nurse who told us that if you get bitten by an infected animal, you only have a matter of hours to get treatment otherwise you die. Once the course of vaccinations are complete (three altogether) we will be protected for life. To be fair, I think we would be just as likely to get bitten by an infected animal in Spain. J is sad that due to the risk of infection from monkeys, his plan to bring back a legion of monkey servants will have to discarded.

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